Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The First Post

Welcome to my new blog, Arthas or Bust. I guess I should begin by outlining my hopes for this piece of writing. My main ambition in the next expansion is to defeat Arthas at the harder 25-man level. So in one sense this blog will chronicle this goal of mine, the steps taken along the way, the victories and the failures. I also hope this blog will be a useful resource for readers interested in seeing WoW through the eyes of a "semi-serious" or "semi-casual" player. I won't be a bleeding edge player, but I want to raid with a set schedule and with some kind of attendance/performance expectations. Third, like most blogs, I hope to do what I can to comment on the latest changes in WoW and dig into the "theorycraft" side of the game; mostly from an instructional perspective, I don't have the time or math skills to crunch the numbers myself.

Next, some information about myself. I just turned 26 years old, and I've played WoW off-and-on since shortly after release (around Jan/Feb 2005). My play history started with an orc warrior, going to level 60 but stopping around September 2005. After a four-six month break, I picked the game up again and switched to the Alliance side in early 2006. Starting a cute gnome mage, I played as a caster for about two years. During that time I was involved in a casual guild that became a casual-PVP guild, that became a casual-PVE guild, and when I left it was a semi-serious PVE guild. During this time I capped another 70, a resto druid, and I'm working on my third 70, a rogue (I haven't settled on my main for Wrath yet). While an officer in my former guild (Mail Enhancement), the raid leader and its chief architect, I left a few weeks ago for a variety of reasons (a story for another time). I'm currently unguilded, but will look for a guild raiding 25-mans once Wrath gets rolling.

As I alluded to, my play experience is highly varied. I did a lot of PVP in the past (fairly close to Justicar by now), I did some Arenas through about Season 3, and I've done a large amount of raiding, increasingly finding that side of the game more interesting. I've also played increasingly seriously, starting out as a fairly ignorant scrub to earning a ZA bear mount just a few weeks ago. While I probably prefer Horde more, this blog will largely be written from the Alliance perspective, as I've just invested such a large proportion of my game time into that faction.

Anyway, this is about as long as I would like my entries to be, so I'll stop for now. My ambition is to write here regularly, so we'll see how that goes. Patch 3.0 came out yesterday, so I'm going to go back to trying to log into the laggy servers and watch the presidential debate later tonight. Tomorrow I'll outline my long term plan for preparing for Wrath!

Arthas or Bust.

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